S15 Owners Shoot

Mint asked me if i could help him out with a shoot he had organised at JAE this year. It basically involved as many S15’s as he could get hi shands on lol. Through the S15oc he managed to get quite a bit of interest. We got shooting and here is the result More canContinue reading “S15 Owners Shoot”

Jae 2009 Banter Biznez!

Well with us just being back from JAE i thought i would let the unfortunate see what they missed! Jdmtas represented with nuff bawler shit haha, fire breathing and general wastedness LMAO! Anyhoo the cars will follow but for now here are some pictures for the banter

Fast and Modified 2009

JDMtas made the road trip to Edinburgh once again for F and M 2009. The actual show this year wasnt as good as previous years imo. The monster stand was EPIC!!! too much JDM nice on that stand and maximum brand whorage aswell!! They definatly shoudl have got stand of the show iMO Best carContinue reading “Fast and Modified 2009”

Crail Thrash 12/07/09

Was back down to crail, this time with Mint in the S15 for more practice. Was nice and quiet so he got lots of seat time. Some of the Trampdrift.co.uk guys where there getting mad sideways and proving u dont need an expensive motor to drift!!