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Shazs’s RX8

A shoot that happened al the way back in May lol Finally got round to doing the pics as they were meant to be going onto the new look V3 of but at the moment myself an Mintofruit havent bothered are arses to build it lol Anyhoo onwards to the pics, im sure youContinue reading “Shazs’s RX8”

Fast and Modified 2009

JDMtas made the road trip to Edinburgh once again for F and M 2009. The actual show this year wasnt as good as previous years imo. The monster stand was EPIC!!! too much JDM nice on that stand and maximum brand whorage aswell!! They definatly shoudl have got stand of the show iMO Best carContinue reading “Fast and Modified 2009”

Northeast Motorshow – Aberdeen

The time had come for the NEMS show in Aberdeen, Tas as always had a stand, was epic! Thinks its safe to say Fudi did very well – first trip out for the car in anger and only a few niggles, also big shout of out to Gaz aka Boombastic, his dori skillz were amazing.Continue reading “Northeast Motorshow – Aberdeen”