Thacko Photography Presents ………………………

Dan The Mans PS13 Exterior Work CR Kai Alloys, F 17×9″ + 17, R 18×9.5″ + 38 APP HID Lights Full Aero (F/S/R) Vertex Clear Headlight covers – G-corp Clear Front Indictors Aftermarket Rear Lights Folded and Flared Fenders F/R Engine S15 Engine HKS GT-SS Turbo One Off Exhaust (Dual Pipe with bungs) Trust RacingContinue reading “Thacko Photography Presents ………………………”

My Evo III

Well over the past few months ive done some upgrades to the beast and not having anything to do today i decided to go out for a little shoot. Recently i have changed the seats for Evo V items, along with those came the TRS harnesses they are 4point and are garenteed to keep youContinue reading “My Evo III”

Fast and Modified 2009

JDMtas made the road trip to Edinburgh once again for F and M 2009. The actual show this year wasnt as good as previous years imo. The monster stand was EPIC!!! too much JDM nice on that stand and maximum brand whorage aswell!! They definatly shoudl have got stand of the show iMO Best carContinue reading “Fast and Modified 2009”