My Evo III

Well over the past few months ive done some upgrades to the beast and not having anything to do today i decided to go out for a little shoot. Recently i have changed the seats for Evo V items, along with those came the TRS harnesses they are 4point and are garenteed to keep youContinue reading “My Evo III”

Fast and Modified 2009

JDMtas made the road trip to Edinburgh once again for F and M 2009. The actual show this year wasnt as good as previous years imo. The monster stand was EPIC!!! too much JDM nice on that stand and maximum brand whorage aswell!! They definatly shoudl have got stand of the show iMO Best carContinue reading “Fast and Modified 2009”

Boyndie Sprint

Another weekend , another car event haha. This time it was the Boyndie sprint, for those who dont know Boyndie is a karting circuit north of Banff in aberdeenshire, built on an old aerodrome it is a seriously tight circuit with lots of slow to medium corners. Once again alot of serious cars were out,Continue reading “Boyndie Sprint”

Rrrraaayyyleee Day @ Keith

Got invited along to an MLR event for a worth while cause, The rrraayllee Day show came about after a young lad named Stuart Harper died in a car accident as a passenger, Stuart was extremly passionate about cars ( as i am) and his family thought of what better way to celebrate his lifeContinue reading “Rrrraaayyyleee Day @ Keith”

Northeast Motorshow – Aberdeen

The time had come for the NEMS show in Aberdeen, Tas as always had a stand, was epic! Thinks its safe to say Fudi did very well – first trip out for the car in anger and only a few niggles, also big shout of out to Gaz aka Boombastic, his dori skillz were amazing.Continue reading “Northeast Motorshow – Aberdeen”