Modified Live – Drift Taxis

And for the final part, a look at the drift taxis! The idea? get a few local drifters to hoon around the paddock area with paying passengers and give them a taste of what its like to get proper sideways! This year JDMtas’s very own Marcus got to do it along with Midgers and someContinue reading “Modified Live – Drift Taxis”

Modified Live – Time Attack

Onto what i looked forward to most! Time attack has always been a draw for me, seeing extremly well prepared and extremly fast “tuner” cars go against the clock to find out whos the fastest!

Modified Live – EDC

So time for EDC, and to be honest a let down for me! In previous years EDC has been an all out competion with drivers having to gain a licence in the morning then progressing to the knockout stages competing against each other, but now its invite only and for me it has lost itsContinue reading “Modified Live – EDC”

Modified Live – Knockhill ……………. The Paddock

In the first of 4 looks at Modified Live from Knockhill, we will have a look around the paddock and show car area.

Jays R32 GTR Skyline

Continuing on from Mints Miata shoot, is Jays R32 GTR shoot. Jay has had his 620bhp skyline for a few months now, you might rememeber the sneak peek a while back?? well here is the full shoot.