Modified Live – Drift Taxis

And for the final part, a look at the drift taxis! The idea? get a few local drifters to hoon around the paddock area with paying passengers and give them a taste of what its like to get proper sideways! This year JDMtas’s very own Marcus got to do it along with Midgers and someContinue reading “Modified Live – Drift Taxis”

Modified Live – EDC

So time for EDC, and to be honest a let down for me! In previous years EDC has been an all out competion with drivers having to gain a licence in the morning then progressing to the knockout stages competing against each other, but now its invite only and for me it has lost itsContinue reading “Modified Live – EDC”

Modified Live – Knockhill ……………. The Paddock

In the first of 4 looks at Modified Live from Knockhill, we will have a look around the paddock and show car area.

Jays R32 GTR Skyline

Continuing on from Mints Miata shoot, is Jays R32 GTR shoot. Jay has had his 620bhp skyline for a few months now, you might rememeber the sneak peek a while back?? well here is the full shoot.

Banzai – Crail …………………….. The Wallace Performance Edition!

This time round its time for something different! My coverage of the Banzai day at Crail will be split into 3 parts. One focusing on the Wallace performance guys, one on the show and shine winners Monster Unit and one on everything else. The reason for this is these two groups of people deserve aContinue reading “Banzai – Crail …………………….. The Wallace Performance Edition!”