SXOC Drift Day 18/06/11

Back to Crail once again for the SXOC skid day

The weather was good despite reports of a downpour

Which meant smokey drifts which has been lacking at the last few days

Jeek supplying enough smoke for everyone!

Virgin big track skidder Jordon was out in his Miata and did super well!

The hats Fc Rx was repping the limiter all day!!

Fudi had his new 4 Door R32 Skyline out….. so nice and it loved going sideways!

Mint arrived late ….. shock but the new Teal colour scheme looked cool

Skidder of the day for me though ……………

Barry the Punk, his hatchi spent most of the day on the limiter and i could hear it at EVERY point on the track haha

Sooooo fly

No Rimits!!!



Published by thacko

Late twentys, photo blogger. I shoot cars mainly but love to shoot anything cool

One thought on “SXOC Drift Day 18/06/11

  1. Cool pick with the A/C in the background, as they are going to the scrap yard this picture might be worth posting for sale.

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