Wallace Time Attack Evo Part 3 …………..

Onto another day of the build, well i say day but obviously for the guys at Wallace Performance its been weeks!

The car is now starting to take shape with some of the bodywork being put back on

The back quarters are being smoothed over to meet the new wider Voltex kit

And the lightweight fibreglass doors seen in part 2 are now in place

Mike also showed me the new improved engine mounts

Aswell as the Can for the dry sump system they will be running on the car

Some nice welding on this part too

So that’s it for now, with ALOT more to come! the car will be painted in the near future and then it just remains for the guys to build the mechanics of the car.

Ill leave you with Mic from Wallaces Evo VI which is currently being rebuilt

Engine spec is

4G64 Crank
Oliver I Beam Rods
JE 87mm Pistons
ACL Bearings
L19 Head Studs
New Mitzi Water & Oil Pump
ND Head Gasket
ND Head Work
+1mm Oversized Valves (Inlet & Exhaust)
Bronze Valve Guides
Beehive Valve springs & Ti Retainers
Kelford 272 Cams
HKS Pulleys
HKS Kevlar Timing Belt
AMS Intake Manifold
Boomba Throttle Body
RC1600cc Injectors
Boomba Hi-Flow Fuel Rail
Full Race Twin Scroll Manifold
2 x Tial 44mm External Wastegates (Vented to atmosphere)
Garrett TO4Z Turbo
3″Custom Down Pipe & Blueflame 3″ Cat-Back (Would love a 4″ Titanium System

Should be a beast!!




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