SXOC Drift day @ Crail Raceway 28th Aug 2010

Crail raceway was the scene for another SXOC drift day, i started the day off in usual fashion, a 6am wake up call, then into the car to meet up with friends and onto the drift day…………………………….

Mints car got alot of attention throughout the day with alot of trialing of parts, we ended up stripping the whole front end just to run 8 1/2″ watanabes with R888 toyos to stop the understeer! which resulted in a MX5 missile dori mobile!

dovboys S14a was shredding tyres in its usual fashion!

Jeeks BMW is,was and still is a dori smoke machine!

Jdmtas’s very own luckyshot was out on his first drift day and did excellently!

Fudi blasted the Sil80 out after a while off the road

Ades sierra made a wee trip out too

Car of the day for me was John Fallons R32 Skyline, storming looks and superhuge flames from the exhaust is a winner in my eyes

And so comes to close on another awesome drift day, Upsides were for me no mega maintence on mints car LOL and we all got home safe and sound ………………… the way it should be!!

Published by thacko

Late twentys, photo blogger. I shoot cars mainly but love to shoot anything cool

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