Guyson Sprint Championship – Boyndie

Just back from another interesting day of Scottish motor sport. Not feeling 100% I headed up to Boyndie anyway in the hope the fresh air and smell of petrol would revive me lol

When i got to Boyndie I met up with Al, of als car blog and got to work snapping the cars entered into the sprint. The weather was terrible! rain mixed with high winds isn’t really the best weather to be standing beside a track in. However fast forward an hour and the sun was out and starting to dry the track nicely, just in time for the Evos haha.

Martin Willox was on fine form in His Evo VIII MR

As was Tony Elrick!

I love sprinting, especially because of the variety of cars, from mild to wild, this Reliant Robin! was definitely in the WILD class!

Goes to show you don’t need a bottomless wallet to sprint, a clean MK2 golf will do

You know you’re at a country side track when your stood next to a field full of cows lol

purposeful back-end of a radical

More pictures below as always, no result im afraid as i left early due to the man flu haha

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