Modified Live – Time Attack

Onto what i looked forward to most!

Time attack has always been a draw for me, seeing extremly well prepared and extremly fast “tuner” cars go against the clock to find out whos the fastest!

Within Time attack there are 2 classes Club and Pro, they pretty much speak for themselves lol but alot of different cars now enter time attack

Strange seeing a Porsche being chased by a mega wide arch Pulsar lol

Oldskool machinery was accounted for aswell!

Along with some of the best Japanese metal in the country! The event winner?? Gareth Llyod in the CPR evo above with a new Time attack record of 51.335secs!! 3 seconds faster than a BTCC motor driven by Jason Plato!

That is why i love Time attack lol an “average Joe” can go out and wipe the floor with a proper factory team

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Late twentys, photo blogger. I shoot cars mainly but love to shoot anything cool

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