Jays R32 GTR Skyline

Continuing on from Mints Miata shoot, is Jays R32 GTR shoot. Jay has had his 620bhp skyline for a few months now, you might rememeber the sneak peek a while back?? well here is the full shoot.

Built in Japan by M-Garage, this is the originally Lambo Green demo car, now painted in Mercedes Gunmetal grey it looks super sleek!

The engine is a mash up of HKS,Blitz and Nismo ………………………. nothing else!! only the best will do apparantly, with a proven dyno sheet output of 620bhp @ 1.6bar im sure you will agree its well built! Mapped by Tweenie Rob (RIP) the car is amazing to be in!

Stopping is definatly something you will need to think about with 600+bhp and the brakes wernt left out, with massive D2 8pot calipers up front and 6 pot’s at the back

The 19″ Volk CE28’s are the absolute dogs b**locks!

The car is an absolute animal, after the shoot Jay took me out for a spin and its like being flung by a catapult, the accleration this car provides is out of this world!

If your at Jae or any future shows, be sure to check this car

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Late twentys, photo blogger. I shoot cars mainly but love to shoot anything cool

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