The Time Is Now ………………. Proudly Presents ………………………………..

Mints Miata gets to see the light of day!

Sporting STUPID wide and STUPID of set JDM rimmage!! The MX has received its fair share of arch mods to achieve the look you see here and the main man responsible was no other than Al of i think you will agree the man deserves some respect!!

The car rides on Driftwork HSD coilovers and is lowered an ungodly amount but is driven hard daily!! whether it be hitting up the Touge or doing some sweet skids in the Aberdeenshire back country.

The Bride and Takata harnesses keep Mint secured whilst hitting it sideways, which is nice LOL

So with all said and done Mints proven it again, originally with his S15 and now with the Miata, you can have a daily that sits flat out an inch from the ground!!

Published by thacko

Late twentys, photo blogger. I shoot cars mainly but love to shoot anything cool

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