Banzai – Crail …………………….. The Wallace Performance Edition!

This time round its time for something different! My coverage of the Banzai day at Crail will be split into 3 parts. One focusing on the Wallace performance guys, one on the show and shine winners Monster Unit and one on everything else. The reason for this is these two groups of people deserve a decent mention for once!! haha.

So onto the Wallace performance guys………………. Mid way through the day i happened to spot Matty’s (from wallace) Evo IV sitting in the show area at Crail,after having a chat with him i found out that the other guys from wallace , Russ, Mike, Mic and Simon are currently on route from Oulton park (after Round 1 of TA). Now by this time its 2.45pm and cut off for the final drag shootout is 3pm so basically Mike and Russ roll there TA cars of the trailers and make for the 1/4 mile, a quick check of pressures from Simon

and on to the strip they go

…………………. light goes green and off they both go and lay down the quickest 4WD drag time of the day LOL

Amazing!! to think these cars are set up for timeattack and not really drag racing is simply amazing! unfortunatly in the final shoot out i think the weekend had caught up with Mike and he was beaten off the line and subsquently lost coming second, not bad for having prob 5 hours sleep over the whole weekend!!

Mike looked pretty happy with his and Russ’s achievement’s

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