Minty.Fresh Gen 2 Complete!

Well as you know myself and Mint own and ever since the beginning we have had the Minty Fresh Crew, Well the original members were picked by Mint and they involved our friends cars and those cars in Aberdeen we thought deserved the Minty.Fresh tag.

When Mint thought of the whole idea we were still rolling in Civics and these became Generation 1 of the MFC. So when we moved onto my Evo and His S15 these became Gen 2. The one person we left behind was Jay with his Supercharged Lexus IS200 but as of this week he stepped up his game and came home with the prize ………………….. a R32 GTR tuned in Japan by M Garage and fettled by in this country by the Skyline tuning expert Tweenie Rob (RIP) this thing is a serious piece of Japanese machinery! Boasting over 600 BHP with its twin Garret turbos its an absolute beast. And so we are here today with the first exclusive shot of it in Jays hands ……………………………  Words and Shit , Pics are Better

Published by thacko

Late twentys, photo blogger. I shoot cars mainly but love to shoot anything cool

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